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Best offboarding software

Kalhr offboarding a program coordinates the worker Offboarding activity while simplifying the administrative labor needed for employee exits as well as terminations.

Offboarding program

Eases the changeover of exiting workers from the roles of theirs, making the task more effective by eliminating documents and consolidating Offboarding into a single screen.

Offboarding software automates several of the administrative work required by offering personalized leave proof, producing giving written documents, and producing letters of guide. Additionally, offboarding applications manage companies' reputations and brands during employee departures.

Offboarding program is usually one element of a bigger HR management structure such as recruiting, onboarding, and exit interview control.

Effortless Notifications

Easier applicant tracking with accounts classified by status: provided, declined, accepted, or perhaps onboarded.

Onboarding Checklists

Make the powerful onboarding outstanding with automatic checklists, free and paperless from human intervention, increasing the transition.

Enable Realtime Updates

Empower all staff to submit documents, regulate their profile on theirs at all occasions from a one-time wedge improving retention.

Document Trails

Automated relieving letter guides. Have a record of contracts as well as policy agreed by former personnel to reduce risk and stay away from penalties.

To qualify for inclusion in the offboarding category a product must

Allow for communication between employee and employer during the exit process Track the improvement of forms and paperwork required by HR for termination Manage equipment compilation as well as personnel access termination Capture data to help you avoid succeeding huge performers from giving the business of yours

Help from onboarding experts who care about your team


Automating the hiring process

Finish the whole onboarding process online customizing provide sales letter, appointment letter templates.


Offboarding checklists

Track and access all organizational assets from departing workers while ensuring compliance.


Payroll integrations

Automate your onboarding process and a final and full settlement through the exit process.

Onboarding Process

We are here to assist with Onboarding Software professionals since the staff is concerned about you, the company of yours, and your team.

Onboarding is actually the procedure of integrating new workers into the business, preparing them to achieve success at the work of theirs, and turn into completely interested, productive members of the business.

Kalhr team stands all set to enable you to control onboarding as a stepping stone in the good results of the endeavors of yours. Kalhr automates the whole hiring process creating templates based on department as well as employee hierarchy. The guides are a hundred% customizable.

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Automating the hiring process

Onboarding of fresh employees

Each fresh recruit should be onboarded properly. Online Onboarding gives self-confidence to the novice driver hire and with a software program that works in a dazzling manner. Totally online employee onboarding without any paperwork is in fact the specialty of this specific application.

Kalhr provides a possibility for the completely new hires to update their details and acceptance. As an element of the survey, the completely new hire can talk in a few words the suggestions of his regarding the main reason of his to become a part of the company.

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Welcome feel within the workspace

Employee onboarding software systems are able to assist with the next tasks:

  • Generating hiring forms
  • Centralizing employee details
  • Identifying training that is essential
  • Tracking personnel education progress
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Streamlining onboarding workflow
  • Automating different HR duties coupled with advantage requirements