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Expense Management
Currency, Mileage and & Fuel Configuration

A lot of expense claims usually come from job traveling specifications on the project. Majority of major expenses are actually from company trips while the regular ones are actually from everyday travel regimes in jobs as sales or maybe customer servicing.

We have saved this in brain to make certain you get the flexibility to enable multi currency expense claims as well as the control to define gas and mileage rates to ensure that you are here to keep the expense management budget of yours in check.

Expense Features

Favorite Features

Multi currency expense claims

Perhaps you have been asking personnel to send claims after transforming back to the home currency of yours? If indeed, the employees of yours are going to thank you because of this feature because now they are able to get in the particular currency they utilized for expenditure.

Change to the base currency

Got teams traveling to various countries for work? You or perhaps the employees of yours do not have to be concerned about transforming everything back again to home currency. All promises in any currency are instantly converted back again to home currency.

Gas rates by distance/volume

Several businesses prefer settling traveling expense depending on the distance covered while a few take the gas mileage method. Whichever category the company of yours falls in, we have got the choices for you. Try out both and find out which fits ideal for the business of yours.

Control change rates

With currency fees continuously fluctuating, it could be unsafe to opt for market fluctuations when settling expense statements. In order to safeguard the expenditures of yours from these variations, we provide you with complete command over currency conversion process fees.

Latest foreign exchange rates

In orders to enable you to updating and defining your company's cost policy with respect In order to currency sales, see the latest/updated overseas switches rates inside the account of yours to fairly quickly updates policies, if necessary.

Audit logs on conversion fee changes

Even in case you've numerous administrators interested in your expense management policy, the audit logs of ours will make sure you are able to keep monitor of every policy shift taking places in the account of yours, showing you that transformed what & when.

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Manage all of the elements of the business travel of yours and expenses

Travel Management

Kalhr Expense allows you to make internet travel bookings and control offline traveling too. Create detailed travel itineraries, set up and control traveler bookmark profiles, and do a lot more:

  • Set up multi-level, customized pre-travel approval flows
  • Done, end-to-end traveling table management
  • Make internet traveling as well as hotel bookings and control offline traveling quickly also.
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Expense Reporting

Hand expense reporting is a component of the past. Kalhr Expense automates the process from costs to reimbursement, getting rid of hand errors and saving you huge hours. You are able to also:

  • Empower people to Auto scan receipts to produce bills automatically
  • Automate cost reporting and approvals
  • Make reimbursements/settlements online
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Spend Control

Never go overboard with the spending of yours. Set up budgets, enforce policies, and also configure purchase approvals to make particular no hard cash is actually squandered on unauthorized expenses or perhaps even purchases. Not only that:

  • Create budgets and equate them with real spending
  • Set up rules that are various to limit overspending by employees
  • Streamline spending with buy requests
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Compliance and Audit

Kalhr Expense's AI-driven fraud detection engine makes it possible to audit your online business costs better and keep you geared up for tax season. With dedicated countryside editions, you get neighborhood compliance in addition to mileage costs by default.

  • Audit costs prudently and area fraud with AI-driven insights
  • Choose from various existing tax ready editions
  • Keep track of all exercise with an entire audit trail
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Travel as well as cost control for growing business

Across 3+ yrs, Kalhr Expenses has assisted tens of a huge number of businesses to streamline business travel, automate cost reporting, gain total control overspending, and obtain essential financial insights to remain 2 steps forward.

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Set various expense reporting duties to autopilot with attributes as workflow rules, custom capabilities, as well as webhooks.



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Siloed departments are a factor of the past. Speak with employees contextually and in real-time via talk, reviews, and notifications.


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Because of integrations with top traveling, HRMS, accounting & ERP, and collaboration strategies.

Travel as well as expense management

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