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Claim & Reimbursement Management Software

Claims and reimbursement are a very good aspect of Kalhr Software

Employee can make

variant claims like medical travel local conveyance etc to their organization

Which provides plenty of setups and types which allow companies to effectively deal with these promises via payroll? What's more, it helps workers to ask for and get these payments.

  • Creation of various reimbursement heads.
  • Employee is able to post Reimbursement boasts online.
  • Employee is able to connect a soft copy of their reimbursement bills of his.
  • Reimbursement balance, summary, entitlement, Ledger.

Category based limits

Expense categories might differ even if in the very same policy. Movable costs (monthly) might highly differ from a flight ticket (ad hoc). The policy rules of ours allow for establishing daily, weekly or maybe perhaps month limits on particular categories, separately.

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Advance for expenses

Expecting personnel to settle huge expenses out of their own pocket could possibly be unfair. For example, lengthy company trips could burden an employee's private spending budget. Handle this with elegance by enabling employees to ask for Expense Advance.

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Policy wide claim limits

Nearly all-expense assertions take place one monthly cycle. Making use of these rules, you are able to establish a flat monthly claim cap across the policy. This could make certain safety for the business along with a borderline cap for the employee too.

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Expense claim management

To have an extensive expense claim management policy in position is able to make a huge impact to employees' self-esteem in holding out on-the-job expenditures.

  • Configure expense category rules

    Configure rules special to each kind of expense inside a policy, holding granular command of exactly how you would like to treat each kind of expense. To use this particular flexibility you are able to create a distinction of policies for various groups of workers.
  • Multi expense claims requests

    Allow personnel to send claims for a number of diverse things inside a single claim demand. This won't just help save the time of theirs and but also group-related expenses inside a single claim, therefore enhancing the approval process.


Auto approve smaller claims

Don't bother managers for minor bills and routine claims; let our automatic policy rules handle it for you. Settle frequent and low-risk expense claims with automatic approvals. Save time for managers, and improve employee satisfaction.

  • Limit advance claims

    While offering advances for expected expense claims is actually a good way to entrust the worker with duty and speed up claim processes. But occasionally, it is advisable to be secure by establishing limits on these sophisticated disbursals.
  • Set monthly/annual claim cycles

    Define particular dates for the month cost cycle to file claims inside the claim processing guidelines of yours. Additionally, establish the extension phase to allow for professing as well as settling costs after the conclusion of your company's yearly fiscal cycle.

Policy level exceptions

Designate compensators

Readymade claim

Unlimited compensators

Exceptions by category

Claim restricts you set for a number of groups might fall short of the simple fact on terrain.

That is precisely why, the policy configurations of ours allow for managing exception by certain categories inside a policy, enabled to handle exclusions in a granular manner.