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HR analytics for informed decision making

Kalhr’s HR analytics instantly calculates the metrics you will need & provides sensible reports that break down performance, workforce fashion, and other things. By doing this, you are able to develop greater HR initiatives with only a glance.

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Listed here are just some of the ready to use reports

Employee turn over

Get a fast perspective of every department's earlier turnover rate, which means you are able to shift gears with brand new tactics or even tailor your current ones.

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Time logs

Kalhrprecious time log reports provide you with an easy outline of the estimated time for a task, the hours logged for it, as well as the quantity of deviated time.

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Task charts

Go through the number of jobs assigned, completed, or perhaps overdue. Check the status each task is actually as the top 5 workers with the most projects open or even completed.

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Give employees the data they need

Kalhr folks ensure the people of yours have the proper info about the work they actually do. With reports as time logs, undertaking conditions, slated vs. proved helpful several hours, point off, objectives, and appraisal scores, they will be much better prepared to be successful in the roles of theirs and get better as time passes.


Personnel Reports

Monitor personnel responses as they arrive in.


Gain a 360°

Gain a 360° perspective of worker performance from supervisors, peers, as well as immediate reports.


Leverage data

Leverage data to establish employee objectives as well as support development.

Our Reports

HR Reports for performance management

Equip the HR group of yours with information from customizable surveys as well as performance assessments. Gain insight by choosing reviewers and reviewers, creating thoughts, and arranging recurring evaluations.

Centralize surveys as well as performance evaluations on a one-time platform. Eliminate guesswork and obtain data-driven insights fast with our workforce intelligence tool.

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HR Reporting

Identify issues rapidly and craft proactive solutions

Kalhr has an easy yet powerful method to enhance the workforce techniques of yours with comprehensive analytics for every HR process. Whether it's employee performance, project progress, or attendance trends, we have got you covered.

Assess your organization's hiring speed against its attrition fee to find out much more about your churn and retention. Produce accounts on a month, quarterly, or maybe annual basis which means you are able to make plans at the proper intervals, along with the proper information to back them up.

Designation, area, division, condition, expertise, and role based employee reports are actually supposed to make your administrative jobs easier. Spend less time worrying about this small information and a lot more time mastering your broader specific management strategies.

HR Analytics

Advance HR Analytics for every aspect of your business

If you use various apps for the business of yours, it is crucial they communicate. This provides you with a far more thorough malfunction of your organization's procedures and the way they come together.

Kalhr combines with Kalhr Analytics, which means you are able to make in-depth assessments about the workforce of yours at both micro levels and macro.

Generate a detailed analysis of the HR of your functions

With only one application gives better deceivability at all levels suite manager’s hr staff and team.
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