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To bring your Payroll and HRMS together

Kalhr Payroll comes together to power up the people of yours and payroll processes. With simple and comprehensive process design, experience stress-free payroll.

Offer an Employee Portal

Kalhr People as well as Kalhr Payroll allows personnel to open the payslips of theirs, submit the reimbursement claims of theirs, claim advantages, declare investments and post proofs from a one-time spot.

Synchronize your employee information

Keep the records of yours current online. Employee details as title, designation, particular date of joining, customized areas, as well as changes made are instantly synchronized from Kalhr to the payroll phone.

Payroll Management

Kalhr Software allows you to handle the payroll activity of yours employees with a one-time simple click.

Employee Finance

  • Kalhr is going to handle all of the employee finance details and can assist the business monitor and access employee finance information.
  • Keep track of all of the payroll info
  • The worker is able to see the salary history of theirs and payslips
  • The worker is able to declare the tax declaration as well as publish the necessary documents
  • Keep track of the promises and reimbursement
  • Provide compensation Analytics
  • Generate bank files/salary info documents (SIF) automatically

Kalhr Software allows you to determine the various kinds of pay parts for a worker

  • Defines specific components of an employee's compensation package
  • Define the various pay grades of each group of an organization
  • Define a variety of pay range for an employee
  • Define how frequently a pay component is actually paid out
  • Payroll can be daily, weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly, based on the organization
  • Payroll Components

Importance of payroll software program for the business of yours

Payroll processing and management will involve a broad range of activities to be able to take care of an organization's vital asset - The folks of its. Done physically, or perhaps with an outdated system or perhaps by way of a spreadsheet, it gets sometimes, time-consuming, and complex inaccurate. Specific application helps payroll professionals streamline different payroll tasks allowing Small business people and hrs to make room for essential business projects.

Automating payroll

Processing payroll physically means you're giving the door open for unintentional blunders that may prove really costly. Payroll program is able to automate both simple and complex tasks, empowering one to tackle payroll much better. From getting payroll prepared to closing out the pay period, an excellent payroll program will keep the process organized, simple, and economical.

Integration with pertinent business apps

Payroll staffs coordinate with numerous teams to have inputs for payroll processing each month. The procedure is complicated and time bound, and also with an expanding business it's just going to be a lot stronger. Secure integrations enable you access data from several teams in a single place. Payroll software directly integrated with HR & Accounting platforms allows you to bring 3 distinct but important departments under a single top.

Making taxless taxes

We have seen scenarios of companies being penalized for non remittance of taxes. Payroll program will help you adjust to changing tax laws, go for statutories which will be appropriate for the business of yours, command the PF efforts, and other things. The organization of yours is able to continue to be confident of making precise tax deductions always.

Tracking payroll expenses

For every company, payroll is surely a recurring expense. As the business of yours grows bigger, the payroll expenditure of yours goes up, and also you require total visibility on one of the leading contributors to the benefit of yours & loss declaration month to month. Its program is able to produce all these reports directly from worker income registers to the statutories and to the bonus payouts of theirs, enabling you to monitor expenses down to the final rupee of its.

To secure your payroll data

Payroll product is home to very sensitive info about the employees of yours as income, taxes, bank accounts and other things. Payroll program is available to improve the integrity of the payroll data of yours with finely grained access controls. You are here to differentiate between a numbers of roles played by each division & eliminate unauthorized access. Collaborate with staffs properly, provide exactly the same screen but let payroll staff members discover just what they have to depending on the roles of theirs.

Defining Payroll Software

Any Payroll or HR specialists will you know that’s there is far more to payroll processing than calculating pay checks. From enrolling workers upon the company's payroll to making sure spotless compliance, and keeping payroll information till exit, there is a series of repetitive things each month. Payroll program will help the experts keep tab on each one of these activities smoothly from one place. See a fast overview video on the normal features of payroll software program.

What's Payroll Software?

payroll program is actually an answer

used by HRs or maybe payroll professionals to control the whole life cycle of payroll activities end-to-end. Allow me to share several of the keys features for payroll program, benefits, and items to think about if you wish to select the ideal payroll software program for the business of yours.

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Arrears and retro salary calculation

KalHR, manage all of the arrears of any business by delivering those alerts and notifications and can assist the group to compute retro pay.

  • Send a notification every time a payment is overdue.
  • Calculate the compensation of the employee's paycheck to compensate for the shortfall of the prior year

Multi-country and multi-currency payroll

KalHR allows you to configure and improve the payroll process by changing its currency depending on the place of the business.

Digital document signing

Request the digital signature of the workers you'll need for any new document which is actually produced at the payroll variations procedure.

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  • Apply for the signature of 1 or even more workers for every document.
  • Sign contracts for brand new hires, payroll, settlement documents, sick leave, and far more.
  • Payroll Compliance consists of capturing of calculation and data of allowance, advantages, as well as net wages.
  • Benefits Compliance to handle retirement as well as pension accounts
  • PF Calculation based mostly on the worker income or perhaps management bands
  • Risk as well as security compliance for all of the technical features of occupational safety
  • LWF is founded on the place of the organization
  • Allocated tax deduction to contend with incentives, tax declaration, and loss of pay
  • Automated deduction of pro-tax as well as a model of compliance form according to each state
  • Generate filing outputs fulfilling the ESI business standards

Compliance Management

Kalhr allows you to handle all the compliance with all the rules and regulations.

Compliance Management can help the HR administrators navigate compliance issues for much better decision-making.

Kalhr lets the employee make a payslip with a one-time simple click.

It is going to reduce the tedious job of generating hand payslips. The organization is able to configure their payslip based on their need theirs. The end-user is able to configure the header, the information included in the payslip as increment, gross payment, tax deduction, and a lot more. The worker also can produce password-protected payslips.

Payroll Features

More Payroll Key Features

Create custom reports for payroll variations

  • Track changes which impact your employees' payroll by producing personalized accounts.
  • Review brand new hires or perhaps terminations that arise month by month.
  • Examine the forms of workday or contracts that the various workers have.

Factors to consider while you are choosing your payroll software

Deciding on a great payroll option would be an important investment for just about any company irrespective of size. An inefficient and complex program will set you back money and time. Allow me to share several of the most crucial elements to search for when you're choosing payroll software.

Free trial

The payroll program you select should enable you to evaluate the waters first with a fully featured free trial. You will need to include a couple of personnel quickly, produce a bit of salary structures, establish a pay schedule and operate an exam pay run smoothly before the choice is made by you.

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Easy to use

The learning curve must be very little to become used to the payroll program as HRs are quite short of time anyways. A clutter free UI, contextual element hints, and also an intuitive user experience guarantees that you will know the way of yours around the program really fast.

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If you think of payroll program, it must regularly be long term. You can't keep switching from various vendors each month or even year. The migration efforts required is exhaustive and steep too based on the quantity of data you've.

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Choose a cloud based payroll program which allows you to access info at home or even when you're travelling with only an online connection, an internet browser, along with a good device such as a cell phone or perhaps tablet. This provides you with the luxury of accessing the information of yours from anywhere at every moment.

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Payroll involves storing several of your employees' most sensitive info including the personal details of theirs, bank info, income figures, and private bank account numbers (PAN). Pick a well known vendor that takes protection really so you are able to shield your employee's information. The seller must be compliant with the International Security Standards, including a ISO/IEC 27001 protection certificate.

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This one's a smart choice. You're offering with pay checks each month and the support staff must be in a position to lend you a hand when you're in need. Address the vendor and understand whether they've a great support system in position. Examine exactly how easy it's to get in touch with them often through talk and select vendors that are famous for offering quality support.

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Payroll software benefits


Timely salary payments


Increased productivity


Cost savings


Spotless compliance records