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Time and attendance + Biometric Fingerprint know how Track employee attendance and quickly technique salaries from attendance information

Syncs seamlessly without biometric fignerprint scanners

Eliminate employee time theft

Attendance and Kalhr Time makes it possible to reduce time theft by using rounding rules as well as restricting schedules, in addition to eliminating the prevalent difficulty of buddy punching. When dealing with VIRDI biometric fingerprints access managing strategies. If you're keen on the Kalhr Time & Attendance bundle, you are able to speak to us for even more details!

Biometric attendence track easy

Attendance and Kalhr Time makes it possible to reduce time theft by using rounding rules as well as restricting schedules, in addition to eliminating the prevalent difficulty of buddy punching. When dealing with VIRDI biometric fingerprints access managing strategies. If you're keen on the Kalhr Time & Attendance bundle, you are able to speak to us for even more details!

Easy integration and compliance

Kalhr HRMS supports seamless integration with the majority of the biometric attendance devices in use nowadays which makes it the very best biometric attendance system. The cloud of ours based biometric attendance management process allows error free attendance management reducing chances of human mistakes. It helps all local, express work laws, leaves and other employment regulations overtime.

Manage attendance over calendar

Kalhr main goal is actually providing ease for management

  • It allows you to open & control Employee attendance in such a very simple way with a calendar.
  • Simply by clicking on any day time on the calendar, you are here to mark the Employee contained, lacking, or perhaps adjust In/Out timing yourself.
  • The white dots on several days represents that Employee hasn't completed the working hours of his.
  • Except this, it offers a broad range of reporting alternatives along with exporting to succeed sheets whether departments smart, branch wise etc.

Auto-generate payslips and hr reports

An additional quintessential feature of the cloud of ours based biometric attendance device is it generates crucial reports and payslips on the go. It is able to publish bank statements as well as expense reimbursement reports of the people of yours.

Web based interface

Say Good bye to the old fashioned desktop application of yours, access primary signs and different real time analytics about the business of yours from throughout almost all branches. Kalhr Quick dashboard provides you with a general thought about the Employees overall performance of yours in a one-time look.

Biometric & sms

Kalhr has its own wireless Biometric based machines including both face detectors in addition to finger scanners for authentication & immediate attendance. If perhaps you're a boss, we realize your frantic regime - Kalhr provides you with a total summary for every office branch via SMS day. Not only a summary.

Employee's dashboard

Kalhr doesn't just automate the HR Managers of yours but at exactly the same time, it digitizes the employees of yours too. Every employee gets his own personal dashboard to get into the attendance of his, register apps for loans, foliage, time shift requests, manage the assigned jobs of his, etc.

Other Key Features of Kaalhr time and attendence

No far more paper, no re keying, fewer errors. Attendance and Kalhr Time has an easy and powerful to use interface which provides you with greater control and instant true time insight to efficiently deal with your company's precious time attendance data practically anywhere substantially reducing the number of hours required to process worker phase & attendance and immediately calculating total worked many hours like overtime, holiday, sick days & holidays. The reporting solutions of ours empower you with informed true time decision making features so you are able to quickly convert info into actionable, info that is useful.

Are you asking yourself whether the Kalhr time as well as attendance product is able to speed up your payroll processing? The solution is actually a resounding yes! We are able to incorporate Kalhr with your current payroll process so that time info from the Kalhr Time & Attendance product could be exported to XLS or CSV platforms and be pulled into your current Payroll process.

Payroll processing calls for both income and leave computations, that is a tedious and complex job. With Kalhr period & attendance program, vast majority of the tedious and manual computations may be removed when the time of ours and attendance system is actually incorporated with management is left by Kalhr and payroll modules.


When troubles can be found with an employee's attendance, automated sometimes, in addition to attendance tracking, leads to it to be simpler to get supporting documentation for reprimands. Hours worked are easily tracked every day, therefore it's so easy to compile reporting that shows patterns of absenteeism or tardiness.

Custom payroll report

Many time as well as attendance control methods make it super easy to draw out the information and translate it to a structure which will be functional by a payroll or payroll software program company. If a payroll reporting element or maybe payroll integration feature isn't offered with time and attendance program, it is able to establish you up for catastrophe, with possible errors and weekly delays in payroll.

Best biometric attendence system

A separate attendance management system becomes a great advantage for a company just in case it scales with the business of yours. Kalhr HRMS supports a great range of company verticals regardless of the type of theirs.

Biometric Attendence Guide

Biometric Attendence Management System Guide

Tracking attendance is regarded as the time consuming yet significant exercise for the human resource division. It forms the crux for different HR connected tasks as HR administration, payroll, depart control etc. HR professionals frequently perplexed with the tiresome job of attendance monitoring apart from coping with other HR connected chores.

By utilizing the cloud based attendance monitoring system, the entire procedure is quickly automated and will save a large amount of time, frustration and money for HR folks. Additionally, errors in payroll calculations are able to irk the workforce of yours and will limit the efficiency of theirs. And so, biometric attendance management process is the demand of the hour for smart time tracking.


Asked some questions

Kalhr HRMS provides one of probably the greatest biometric attendance management techniques. This particular cloud based system has a broad range of attributes which make attendance tracking of workers an easy and simple job for HR folks. The customer service staff of it’s usually available to solve queries of the clientele of ours. Additionally, it's simple to modify as well as fits all business sizes as well as types. This particular tool easily well integrates with various HR systems. The affordable pricing of it’s a huge plus!

The process utilizes the fingerprint of workers to confirm who's truly clocking in and out at the office every day as everyone finger print is actually different. Next, the worker is going to receive a contact or perhaps text message regarding the brand new log.

Many organizations experience the issue of pseudo punching; this means employees punch in one another entry time since they understand each other's login information. Opting for biometric attendance program could easily cope with this particular issue and punching for somebody else becomes impossible.

Kalhr HRMS, cloud based HR remedy, helps businesses to handle employee attendance efficiently. It empowers the human resource staff to observe employees working hours and in addition enable personnel to upgrade the attendance details of theirs. And so, we can make attendance monitoring a cakewalk to assist HR folk’s process salaries accurately. Today, attendance tracking is actually no more a hassle!

Effective time and attendance tracking is actually among the most critical areas of any profitable HR and workplace technique. Payroll, finance, workers, and managers all should work with time as well as attendance tracking methods as well as the method which is actually in position directly has an effect on when and how employees get paid. An outdated or shoddy time as well as attendance tracking product is able to wreak havoc on the office of yours.

Nearly all workplaces have time as well as attendance tracking software program in position. Automating time and sense is made by attendance, as it brings down the likelihood of mistakes, causes it to be much easier to use complicated rules, as well as helps the workplace in beating compliance woes. Sadly, numerous workplaces automated times as well as attendance tracking before automating additional features, therefore time and attendance tracking program is currently in serious need of an improvement.

When time as well as attendance tracking program could be set to record trends in absenteeism and tardiness, it could turn into an invaluable tool for performance control. When companies have a huge selection of staff members or even more, getting a "smart" process which can offer immediate notifications regarding performance lags might be beneficial. These systems likewise allow it to be very easy to print proof of absences and tardiness as a user manual to help disciplinary steps.

When a report is able to be tailored with labor and filters could be tracked against hours to identify trends, it could allow it to be much easier for managing to create sensible choices. If company rushes have taken place each Thursday at about 6:00 pm, labor could be enhanced as well as targeted towards addressing the good times and slice for lows. This may allow it to be possible to save money and increase company performance.

Right after going over the reasons that a period as well as attendance tracking application system manages the above mentioned functions, it ought to be clear if an improvement can help the business of yours. in case the company of yours wouldn't reap the benefits of the above mentioned functions or perhaps if the system of yours performs the functions properly, you might not have to have an upgrade. If the system of yours does not tackle these functions properly, you've a simple starting place for keeping track of a brand new system's legitimate reasons and ROI to take up to management about the brand new acquisition.

Time & attendance tracking program is a very common element that is included with almost all HRIS systems. Whether you need to change the time of yours as well as attendance keeping track of to an HRIS is dependent on a couple of different elements

Like all HR capabilities, specific time as well as attendance tracking methods might work much better for several businesses than others based on the structure and culture.

Before pivoting and discovering a brand new time monitoring and attendance remedy, think about the following questions to put the current systems of yours in perspective:

  • How are attendance and time currently tracked?
  • Do you currently have an HRIS remedy?
  • How well are you able to track absences?
  • Is it possible to observe time off requests?

Workplaces are changing, therefore "punch cards" which were at one time employed for time tracking might not do the job also anymore. If the employees of yours must clock in on particular kiosks but are on the go more frequently than they are in the workplace, it could be hindering the progress of yours. Make sure that the time of yours and attendance monitoring system still tends to make good sense for the company's set up.

Keeping time and attendance tracking program which isn't integrated is a formula for inefficiency. Having to physically transfer numbers from a period as well as attendance tracking program into payroll or even having viewing schedules which have been developed in a distinct system against real hours worked may yield errors and discrepancies while wasting time that is valuable. When systems jive, businesses prosper.

Keeping time and attendance tracking program which isn't integrated is a formula for inefficiency. Having to physically transfer numbers from a period as well as attendance tracking program into payroll or even having viewing schedules which have been developed in a distinct system against real hours worked may yield errors and discrepancies while wasting time that is valuable. When systems jive, businesses prosper.

When you're presently with a separate automatic time as well as attendance process, there might be absolutely no need to go to the difficulty of transitioning to using the HRIS of yours for period as well as attendance keeping track of.

In case you're using hand processes, nonetheless, you might not understand the enormous quantity of labor time which is now being squandered. Keeping up with requests, absence keeping track of, finding out how you can plan for the coming weeks grounded on attendance as well as sales info, and exporting attendance info to payroll can be quite time consuming.

When you do not get an HRIS, it might not make sense to get a program just for tracking attendance and time. When you're currently thinking about restructuring a number of different HR systems, it can help including time as well as attendance tracking in the restructuring of yours after the HRIS is acquired by you, however. When one does get an HRIS, starting to put it to use for attendance and time might be useful under specific circumstances.

The old idiom is effective here: in case it ain't broke, do not correct it. If the time of yours and attendance tracking device is working, switching the system of yours available totally to be here to make use of an HRIS might not be well worth the depth of time that it is going to take to change and get used to the device. If the program of yours would use a bit of improvement, nonetheless, an HRIS could wind up being the saving grace of yours.

Together with tracking the hours which employees work, it is essential to monitor the time that personnel miss. Attendance issues are able to cost the company of yours a great deal of cash in lost productivity and likely lost clients in case the customer care of yours is suffering.

Tracking absences might help you receive a grasp on which workers have attendance troubles or perhaps could enable you to identify patterns (such as parents lacking time throughout the flu season) so you are able to plan appropriately.

If you've a working method for tracking absences and could extract patterns and optimize efficiency making use of the ca, there might be no cause to switch methods. Nevertheless, in case the workplace of yours is actually suffering due to absence problems, changing to an HRIS is able to enable you to track absences and get a deal with on the problems stemming from this dilemma.

Times off requests are able to lead to significant trouble for a workplace if not managed properly. Employees' time off requirements are really crucial to them and could have an enormous influence on their perceived quality of job and living satisfaction.

If an HRIS might help to reduce the occurrence of missed point off requests and could save HR professionals' or maybe managers' time in coping with these requests, it might be worthwhile to commit the money and time had to shift to making use of the method.

Importing and extracting time and using features or attendance data that automate the procedure of forwarding time as well as attendance information over to payroll is able to save numerous hours when compared to physically entering this data and will help ensure better accuracy


Most correct resolution to observe attendance of employees. Best way to eliminate paper based monitoring


Saves money, time, and efforts of HR team and offers better details security


Ensures precise payroll in cloud based biometric attendence software

Our Purpose

Purpose of implementing cloud based biometric attendence software

Companies have to learn that gone are actually the period of tracking worker attendance yourself. Kalhr HRMS is aware that just how tough it's for a company, particularly its HR department to process salaries effectively in absence of automatic biometric attendance software program.


Year Experience

Below are top 8 reasons to opt for Kalhr HRMS cloud based biometric attendence management system:

  • Integrates with some other HR systems
  • Prevents buddy punching practices
  • Very easy to put into action and very easy to use
  • Eliminates time theft
  • Easy to monitor actual worked hours
  • Very easy to handle numerous shifts and overtime
  • Reduce risk of man errors

The functions of cloud

ours based bio metrics attendance program alleviate the challenging job of tracking worker attendance seamlessly. Applying this particular process in your business assistance HR personnel to deal with labor bills efficiently as well as improve efficiency across the human resource staff.

Its supports seamless

integration along with other HR systems including time keeping track of system, flash memory card brush process, etc. Help the human resource department of yours shuns these pains by providing them cloud based biometrics attendance software program and also helps them enhance efficiency as well as system salaries in a fast way.

To make utlilizations

To make utilization of biometric attendance system is going to benefit organizations in the end and it gets simple for the human resource staff to shield a proper work environment. Hence, make the most of this technology to relieve HR feature now!

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